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Join a beautiful and different dance scene. Here you will learn good rhythm understanding and be introduced to dance in a playful and inspiring way. You are welcome alone or with others. We varied course programs in Schedule Dance.

The dance classes have started!
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
17:00 - 17:45 Cuban SALSA: Beginner-A Cuban SALSA: A Little-Rehearsed Cuban SALSA: Secondary-A Cuban SALSA: Beginner-A
18:00 - 18:45 Cuban SALSA: Upper Secondary-B Cuban SALSA: Rehearsed Cuban SALSA: Upper Secondary-B Cuban SALSA: Advanced-A
19:00 - 19:45 Bachata Cardio SALSA Timba Cubana Rueda de Casino: Open

Course Dates

Overview of the cure dates
Updating... Weeks 2 – 9, 6. Jan-28. Feb. Weeks 26 – 28, 22. June-10. July Weeks 36 – 43, 31. Aug.-23. Oct. Booking...
Updating... Week 10 – 17, March 2-24. April Week 29 – 31, 13-31. July Weeks 44 – 51, 26 Oct.-18. Des. Booking...
Updating... Weeks 18 – 25, 27. April-19. June Week 32 – 34, 03-21. Aug. Updating... Booking...

Well-being tips from Malecón Dans

  • Get to the dance class on time, so everyone can use the course lesson as best as possible.
  • Register on the attendance lists before the dance class starts.
  • If it’s your first class, come 20 minutes before dance classes begin for registration.
  • You have your set hours, and you must follow these.
  • If you cannot attend a course class, you can retake it during the course period you are enrolled in (at your level).
  • Send sms with the name and course you attend to tel.
    +47 400 50 880 when you want to make up for lost hours.
  • Dance without shoes or wear indoor/dance shoes. Good personal hygiene is a given.


We try to do our best to give the best possible results.
Dancing Salsa

Schedule Dancing in Cuba

We update our schedules related to dance trips abroad. The dates apply to Cuba as the leading destination and other destinations in the World.


If you miss a dance class, you can make up for lost time another day at your course level. You can also participate in several hours within your course period.

Personal Instructor

The date and time of private tuition are agreed upon separately. There are no limits on when, where, and how often you want to take your private dance lessons.

Sign up for Dance Classes and Experience The Real Dance Scene.

We offer courses in several dance styles, and you can choose between evening classes, weekend classes, and private lessons. In addition, you can practice what you have learned by attending our dance nights.

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