The Conditions

Registration and payment terms may vary from dance school to dance school.

  • Payment by Visa or MasterCard can be used in the payment terminal. 3% of the total amount incurs a fee.
  • If you sign up for a course within 14 days before the course starts, the registration is binding, and the payment deadline is set to the first day of the course day. Thus, cancellation does not result in a refund in this case.
  • If you wish to withdraw after you have ordered, you must notify Malecón before the payment deadline.
  • The course participant must ensure that they have taken out travel and accident insurance at the start of the course.
  • You agree to receive information from Malecón via newsletter, text message, and other channels.
  • Advance payment is preferred for all course registrations.
  • A full refund of paid course fee against NOK 100- in administrative fee will be charged for cancellations before the deadline (14 days). Cancellation after the payment deadline will not result in a refund.
  • A receipt for the paid amount via the internet or invoice will be presented at check-in (provide the invoice number, customer number, or service number for bank transfer), check-in half an hour before the course starts for the first-time registration.
  • Cash payment with an additional fee of 100- 100,-
  • Malecón reserves the right to use images from courses, festivals, workshops, and performances under our management. For example, the images may be used for advertising, advertisements, and Malecón’s websites. It is requested that Malecón be notified if the course participant does not wish for the images to be used in this context.
  • Malecón is not liable for any potential lack of information regarding health conditions, whether it be illness, allergy, or any critical information that could affect the safety of the course participant.
  • You can pay in person via E-invoice, Giro, cash, or via a payment terminal.
  • Free e-mail invoice.
  • Free bank transfer of course fees to Malecón.
  • Invoice sent by post + KR. 49 invoice fee.
  • Reminder fee NOK. 59,-
  • Reminder rate 10%
  • *For birthdays, bachelor parties, parties, private courses, etc. outside of the regular course, a minimum + NOK is incurred. 500- in transport outside Oslo, depending on location.

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