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    Data Security

    Our website uses specialized security software – CYBERXON. This helps to ensure data breaches do not occur and our website and data are protected against hacking attempts and intrusion.

    CYBERXON protects site visitors and works to block potential hacks while monitoring web traffic and file system changes.

    The learn more about CYBERXON, please follow this link.


    1. The CYBERXON plugin never stores sensitive, personally identifiable information in any cookie.
    2. If the CYBERXON plugin needs to redirect a visitor or any request, it may use a cookie to prevent repeated/infinite redirect loops.
    3. For registered/logged-in users, the CYBERXON plugin uses a cookie to track user sessions and control the display of specific in-plugin admin notices.
    4. The CYBERXON plugin does not usually use Cookies for unregistered site visitors. It may use a cookie to register the closure of the CYBERXON security badge to prevent repeated display.

    Data Storage: User Sessions

    For logged-in users, the CYBERXON plugin stores information on the username, the IP address, and the time of last login and last activity.

    This information is purged upon logout or data cleanup.

    Data Storage: Audit Trail

    The CYBERXON plugin has an Audit Trail feature that will log the following information:

    1. Audit Trail messages that may include email addresses
    2. Logged-in username (where applicable)
    3. The originating IP address of the request

    For logged-in users, this represents information that may be used to locate (by IP address) and identify individuals and their activity on the site.

    This information is stored for security purposes by the site administrator.

    This data will be retained and then automatically purged from the database after a fixed period, as determined by the site administrator. (Currently, this is set to 14 days.)

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